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Prophecy 2021 -

Prophecy 2021

2021 the Hebrew year 5781

The Lord is revealing secrets to His church for 2021 and for the rest of this decade.. Secrets for you t0 personally wage warfare over of the lies of the enemy.
Last year 2020 / 5780 was the Year of the Mouth.

The letters of 2021 / 5781 in the Hebrew calendar mean;

  • The letter for 5 is Aleph – 5×1,000.
  • The letter for 7 is Shin (300 – Crown) + Tav (400 – Truth)
  • The letter for 8 is Pey – Mouth.
  • The letter 1 is Aleph – Ox.2021 / 5781 is characterized by the Hebrew letter Aleph. The symbol for Aleph is a controlled, strong, open mouth.2021 / 5781 is the year for declarations of Truth and Righteousness being established in the land.2021 / 5781 is the year the lies of the enemy are exposed and Truth will prevail.2021 / 5781 is the year of spiritual masks, spiritual desensitizing vaccines, spiritual quarantine and religious freedoms and rights for those whose mouth is defiled and does not have the river of Living Water.2021 / 5781 is the year of separation for the believer to have a consecrated mouth to The Lord.2021 / 5781 is the year Truth triumphs over anarchy, lies and deceit.שַׁ ַדּי אֵל/ is the year of The Lord God Almighty – El Shaddai


  1. 2021 – How long must God strive with man – Great wickedness will be exposed. TRUTH will be revealed – LIES will be exposed.
  2. 2021 The year the land lies fallow. The year of rest, the year of holiness, the year the

7 Spirits of God are released to bring judgment and peace.
3. 2021 will be the year of multiplied revelations and visions and the glorious Bride will lead with entrepreneurial creativity and breakthrough on all 7 mountains.

  1. 2021 will be the year of anti-messiah, anti Christ, anti-Semitism and extreme racism.
  2. 2021 will be a year signs and wonders in the earth like never seen before. The skies

will dark in the middle of the day and the night will light up like the noonday sun.
6. 2021 will be the year of great exposing – exposing the God of this world and the father of lies.

7. 2021 will be a year of mass evangelism and spiritual warfare. Angels warring against demons, saints warring in worship and prayer. The church will rest works and war in rest in the presence of God.

Your responsibility is to take the revealed secrets, the Word of The Lord, and wage warfare over the word (1 Timothy 1;18)

I urge you to stand as a watchman over your family, community, country and the church and wage warfare for the Prophetic Word.

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