Wedding Cake

The Lord said to me ‘Son of man come and look at what is happening in My Name.’

I looked and saw a Groom and His Bride ready to cut a wedding cake.  It was the most exquisite cake I had ever seen and the bride looked beautiful in the greatness of the Groom.

Then the picture changed, and I saw many come forward in the Name the Groom. Those who are called and chosen to feed the sheep – they came with hacksaws, bush-knives, chain saws, throwing-knives, carving knives, and even surgical blades.

They came to feed My sheep  – but instead divided the meal and fought over the portions they hacked off.

The Lord said to me  – There are those who have come to feed my sheep – but have lost the purpose of the wedding cake.

Pray and call on Me to show Mercy in these times.  For the sin of mammon, and the stench of greed has reached Me.

I will move over these, as though I do not know them, and I will come to radiate my Glory on my Bride.

There will be a new breed that will rise up – a young generation that will seek My Face  – a people that will not jostle for spiritual political power in my house.  A people who will be tender to My Voice and cry on My behalf of those who do not walk in the fear of the Lord.

I am raising up a breed of Prophets who fear My Name and walk in signs and wonders.

Even now, I will break out in a new anointing in schools and education centers across this land.  Young people will seek My Face in their homes and there families will be restored.

I will refresh my people with a Holy Fire and a reverence for My Name.

I will touch You who walk in Holy Fear and release my blessing in your life.

Do not sell your self to the lusts of the flesh and deprive yourself of My presence.

I come to give Life and give it more abundantly.

Wait on me – even now I will cause righteousness to prevail and I will expose those in government that sit in sin and steal from the orphan and the widow.  A righteous generation will rise in this day, and I will vindicate those that have waited on Me.

Shout to the North, decree to the South, declare to East and proclaim to the West, there is a release to those in bondage, who have been enslaved to debt and poverty.

Even now I am calling those who will feed My sheep to not scatter my sheep. I am calling for reverence and fear to surround those who stand before Me.

I am calling you to watch and pray and set yourself apart for a fresh wave of My Glory.

I am calling You to come and feed in My presence and I will show Myself to you.

Many will stand and see that I AM in you and you are in Me.

The user and abuser will not take what I have destined for you.


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