Without repentance it is impossible to be saved or to be a Christian.

To experience salvation, you must first REPENT.

Matt 4:17 From the beginning of ministry of Jesus, He preached repentance.        

True repentance means a radical change of attitude towards God, and towards sin. 

Repentance is genuine Godly sorrow for sin accompanied by a change of heart. 

The Greek word “METANOIA” means a change of mind and heart as well as a complete turn around in lifestyle. 

Repentnce is an attitude of mind, as well as an act. 

Repentance is a turning from sin and a turning to God.

4 points of repentance.

  1. Reptance allways precedes conversion or the second birth.

repentance must be preached to all nations.   Luke 24:27

John the Baptist, preached repentance.                         Matt. 3:2,8

Jesus came to call sinners to repentance.                     Matt. 9:13.

Peter spoke of necessity of repentance.           Act 2:38.

God Commands all people everywhere to repent.       Acts 17:30

Paul preached repentance.                                               Acts 20:20, 21 

  • Unwillingness to repent keeps a person in sin and judgments will come. 

Because they repented not                                               Matt. 11:15

Except you repent, you shall allso perish                       Luke 13:3                    

Keeps us walking in darkness.                             1 Jn. 1:6-10.                

  • God has always warned the unrepentant person.

Remember, and repent.                                         Rev. 2:5           

Hold fast, and repent.                                                        Rev. 3:3, 19     

If you do not repent, you will die.                                    Luke 13:3        

  • Heaven rejoices when one person repents.

Heaven rejoices over one sinner who repents.             Luke 15:7 

Prodigal son repents, and the Father rejoices.             Luke 15: 20


True repentance entails confession of sin. 

The question may be asked “What must be confessed?” 

Must I confess every known sin or unknown? 

The Bible teaches that you must confess the fact you are sinner, (that you have sinned agaijnst God).

God knows all the details about your sins.       1 Jn. 1:7. 

After salvation, if you commit sin again (and it is most likely you will), then you must confess again.  You have not lost your salvation, because of th eact of sin, you have just fallen. 

Repent and do not committ the act of sin again. (repent true repentance – Ps. 51:17)  

As a Christian you have an Advocate with the Father, whois Jesus Chirst the High Priest and He continually makes intercession for you.             Heb. 7:25.   1 Jn. 2:1.


Confession is to God.                                             Psalm 32:5     I acknowledged my sin to You.

Confess to the person you have wronged.          James 5:13 Confess one to another, that you may will be healed.

Confession in public is necessary when the sin you are repenting of has become a stumbling block to others.  Joshua 7:19.

If you need to repent and confess for some thing that is not right in your life, then do it now.

Don’t wait.

I will pray with you in this.  It is most important for you to pray your on confession prayer.

“Father God, I come to You now in Jesus Name. I pray that You will see the confession of this person pray this prayer. Lord God, I pray that You will touch them and remove the sin from their life as they are asking You to do so.  Father God, I pray that will not go back and repeat the action  of this sin again and I pray they will truly tourn to You. Even as You Word says, in Psalm 97:10 “You who love The Lord, hate evil! He preserves the souls of of His saints; He delivers the out of the hand of the wicked.”   

Father God, I pray they will grow a hatred for things that are evil and they cling to You and desire to serve You in every area of their life.  Amen.

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