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I see worship arise.

Worship like never before.

All religions and all faiths rising to worship their gods.

There is going to be an intensified passion for worship like never before.

I see the oceans will roar and the storm clouds will rise.

Thunder will clap and lightening will strike. Worship will arise like never before. 

The worship of money and the worship of self. 

The worship of ideas and philosophies. 

The worship of religion that satisfies the mind and for the moment takes away guilt. 

I see the worship of sin and worship for people who will be praised for criminal acts and every practice that stands against Jehovah. 

The Word of God sais ‘as sin abounds, so Grace much more abounds and when the enemy comes in, then I will raise up a standard against it.’ 

I see the true worshipers will rise and their voices will pierce this darkness. 

The voice of the child worshiping at school and the worker worshiping at work, the mother worshiping with her child and My Glory will descend and healing will flow.  

This holy undefiled worship will rise and healing will take place. 

Captives will be set free and chains will be broken. 

I see revival take place that has never been seen before. 

There is going to be a great awakening of church. 

Worship will come on you and the Glory of the Lord will be all over you.


(Prophetic Word through Mark Visser - Aug 2019)

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