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This is a most wonderful picture of how God created women to be the helper as The Holy Spirit is your helper.


We are all travelers and sojourners going through life on a journey to our destination.

We need each other now more than before.

God has given to each of a Helper in life.


Exodus 18;3,4  Moses was prophetic in naming his children Eli-ezer and Gershom.

Eli-ezer means God is my helper

Gershom means sojourner and a pilgrim.


Every Gershom needs an Eli-Ezer



Eli = “my God”;

ezer = “helper”


THE HOLY SPIRIT is your Eli-Ezer


John 14;26  ‘But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.’


The word Ezer describes aspects of God’s character:

  1. He is our strength,
  2. He is our rescuer,
  3. He is our protector,
  4. He is our help!

Ezer was the Holy Spirit’s choice of word to describe the first woman.

Eve was Adams Ezer.

Eve was someone who would provide valuable and vital strength to Adam.

The Word Ezer that was used for Eve is the same word as Ezer that’s used for the Holy Spirit.

Ezer is mentioned 21 times on OT. 

  • 2 x for woman as a helper
  • 16 x for God being your helper
  • 3 x for a negative context


Genesis 2;18 ‘Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper (Ezer) as his complement.’


The word ezer is qualified by the word kenegdo in both Genesis 2;18, 20


Kenegdo translated as “suitable for him”,

Ezer is to be a corresponding and equal partner.


Ezer kenegdo—”a helper suitable for him”—is used in reference to the first woman without any qualifications, prescribed limits, or cultural restrictions.


If I need help, then I need someone as strong as me or stronger than me.

Many think the woman is the weaker vessel !

The word weaker means delicate – refined – gentle – valuable.

Not in physical strength – but in value.

The helper must be just as strong or stronger to help you with your work.

Men consider woman a threat because men have no work for a woman to do

The woman is equipped to help the man with vision

The first question to asked in marriage is ‘where are you going?’

If the wife is to follow the husband then she should know where he is going.

Your vision is the key to your wife’s fulfillment

When the husband finds his work, he secures the peace of his wife.

The wife never came to compete with you, she came to complete you.

Woman have been called to help – and if you have nothing for them to help with, then they will help themselves.

The wife is waiting for the plan.

Give the vision and the wife will incubate the vision and return it in life form.

A woman is designed to incubate.

You can always tell what you give a women, by what she gives back to you.

A woman is frustrated by a man who has no vision or does not know his vision.

The most important discovery of a male is his work.

His work is the purpose of his existence.

Purpose is the source of your vision.

Vision gives the meaning to life.

If you know where you going you have a sense security

For the woman, vision is the same thing and when came into your life she will have vision –

She will have vision to help you and this gives her a sense of security.

God has given to you a helper.

THE HOLY SPIRIT is your Eli-Ezer

The Holy Spirit will help you in your vision. 


God has given to you His Holy Spirit and He is your Helper.


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